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Complete this simple form to add an event, announcement, or volunteer opportunity to the community calendar. Once approved it will appear on the online calendar and on selected screens in town.

Please Read Guide & Use Policy First

Enter your email to be notified when the event is approved or rejected.

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Choose a brief title that will provide clear indication of the specific focus of this to a person who is completely unfamiliar with your group. Avoid using acronyms in the title.

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Select the type that most closely matches. Events and volunteer opportunities MUST be consistent with policies outlined in Guide & Use Policy to be considered for posting.

Click on a day on the calendar in order to create a date relevant to this post. For events, the day you click will be one instance of this event taking place. For announcements, the day you click will be one stretch of time in which your announcement is visible. If you seek to have this duration be multiple days, click on the day at which you would like the duration to end and then click the up arrow on the second entry created. This will merge the two to result in a multi-day duration.

If adding many repeats, such as a weekly repeat, set the time in the first instance then click on the next days that it will occur. That way, the time will be automatically filled in the later instances.

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Google will provide physical location suggestions in the dropdown. You can select one of them, or you can click away from the text box to keep what you have currently written.
Optionally, unchecking this box will turn off the dropdown.
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Leave this box blank unless a room and number are necessary. Do not repeat the building name. For example, if an event is in the meeting room in the Oberlin Public Library, then simply enter “Meeting Room” here. If it is in King hall 306, write “306” here.

200 character maximum, 10 character minimum
Will only be displayed on website and not digital signage. You may include ticket information and website links.

This button will link viewers directly to the URL you paste into the box. If needed, you can change the name that appears in the button to serve other purposes, for example "Take survey", "Make appointment", "Donate", etc. These buttons will also link to the URL you paste.

Upload image (max size 16MB)

We encourage you to upload an image related to your event. This will be shown on the digital signs and the website together with your text. The art should contain no text or minimal text. Please do NOT upload an image of a poster that contains text information describing the event — it will be too small to read and will be redundant to the event description.

Select the screens the poster will be shown on

As described in the Guide & Use Policy , postings that are only of interest to visitors to a particular screen should be posted only on that screen. Posts of broad interest to the community should be posted on multiple screens.

Public locations

Public schools

Please do not select schools unless you have with permission from school administrators.

Click the boxes below to indicate which calendar(s) this event or announcement should appear on. Only events marked for the "Community Calendar: appear on ALL community screens. Events marked for organizational calendars appear on the calendars and screens for that particular organization. Please do not check boxes for organizational calendars unless you have permission to do so. If you click more than one box then the event appears on all calendars that have checks beside them.

Provide contact details to be associated with event:

This is the email of the person who interested residents should contact for additional information about the event. It may or may not be the same as the email of the person completing this form.