Consolidating community data into one seamless display

We take data such as electricity and water consumption in schools, businesses, public facilities and homes and translate this into animated displays.

Building Dashboard

Building Dashboard

Re-introduces eco-feedback to citizens and building occupants. We help to engage occupants by showing them the flows of resources through their buildings, and how they contribute to building efficiency.

Citywide Dashboard

Citywide Dashboard

An animated display of current electricity and water use and environmental conditions in the entire community. “Flash” the energy squirrel and “Wally” the Walleye narrate the dynamic story.

Building Dashboard

Community Voices

Features images and quotes from local people and places, in a way that fosters positive social norms. It’s seeing that your neighbour Joe bikes to work. It’s celebrating the diversity of action already occurring in communities.

Building Dashboard

Community Calendar

Our crowd-sourced events calendar allows anyone in your community to post events and search for volunteer opportunities. They appear automatically on all devices and digital signs, and integrate with existing calendars.

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